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Conciousness • Power • Confidence

You need a Beauty Release Argentinian Rhodochrosite Bracelet because it will help you embrace your own personal power to achieve your full potential. It will make you comfortable in your own strength and capabilities, and it will give you the confidence to be anyone you want to be. It will also restore your sense of wholeness.


In life, there will be many experiences, events, things, and people that will leave you feeling broken. When you have the healing energies of rhodochrosite in your life, you will find the strength to pick up the pieces and start over with a clean slate.


This stone will free the blockages in your aura and release all the negative energies lingering in it. When your aura is light and clear, good and positive energies will start to flow, and they will change your outlook.


Each bracelet is cleansed, charged and blessed before shipping. It is recommended that you 'program' your new bracelet before wearing it. Please visit the Gemstone Care page for more info and instruction.


* Our copper is double coated with a non-toxic clear film protector to prevent tarnishing and to retain the warm pure copper color and potential skin reaction.

Beauty Release

  • This Beauty Release Argentinian Rhodochrosite Bracelet will resonate with the inner child in you. You will be bolstered to reclaim the joy and playfulness in your life. It will inspire a hopeful and positive attitude.


    It will encourage you to be creative and to make use of your innate talents that have lain dormant. Rhodochrosite will also inspire you to become a more responsible person!


    That’s because rhodochrosite is one of those comparatively rare and wonderful crystals that helps to open your sense of perception wider than it’d ordinarily go.


    You’ll suddenly find it much easier to look at things from another person’s point of view. This has made this crystal especially prized by those who otherwise aren’t so talented at mediation or overcoming arguments with those whom they love the most.


    When arguments get out of hand, theory can cause rifts in otherwise solid relationships and bonds that can, at their worst, take years to heal. This stone doesn’t just speed up that journey, but often ensures that it doesn’t get the chance to occur in the first place!


    This stone can help you to mend rifts that may have developed in any of your relationships, as well as work with you and your loved ones to prevent them from repeating, or even troubling you in the first place.


    It will focus the energy on yourself and your emotional healing. It will go deep inside you until you are willing to acknowledge, relive, and let go of your emotional wounds.


    Affirmation: I am playful. I have fun, laugh and enjoy life each and every day.


    Bracelet is made with 8mm beads on strong crystalline double elastic. Due to the nature of crystals, all the beads will vary slightly in shape, size, color and pattern.


    Other sizes, beside the regular 7.25", are made to order which will incur an extra 2-3 days wait to ensure curing time as well as cleansing, charging and blessing ritual.

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