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Positive Energy • Protection • Clear Mind

Tourmalinated Quartz is one of the most powerful stones for protecting your energy from the damaging effects of negative thoughts. The contrast of darkness and light within the stone gives you a glimpse into your mind. Whenever dark energy permeates your thoughts, use the energy of the stone to shift it into light.By connecting with your Tourmalinated Quartz crystal bracelet, you can transform your mind-set from a negative one into a positive one. No matter what is going on in your life, you have the power to change your thoughts and perspective. Let your Tourmalinated Quartz bracelet remind you to be conscious and careful of the way you think so you can eliminate all thoughts that do not serve you.


Each bracelet is cleansed, charged and blessed before shipping. It is recommended that you 'program' your new bracelet before wearing it. Please visit the Gemstone Care page for more info and instruction.


* Our copper is double coated with a non-toxic clear film protector to prevent tarnishing and to retain the warm pure copper color and potential skin reaction.

Erase Negativity

  • Tourmalinated Quartz Bracelet will help you eliminate destructive patterns. It’s also a powerful crystal that will ground and protect you.Its needle-like inclusions of Black Tourmaline are already powerful and protective enough in their own right. Its high energies will also help you increase your personal power.


    It’s an excellent shield crystal that will amplify energies that are sent your way. Depending on your needs or desires, you can either send this amplified energy back to its source like a mirror spell, or you can transmute it to something more beneficial and positive for you. If you combine it with crystals for confidence, Tourmalated Quartz will help you balance your yin and yang energies so that you can release your negative behaviors, habits, and patterns.


    It will stimulate the flow of energies to your energy channels.It will ground your root chakra with the earth and stimulate the balance in your energy system, as well as in your physical body and personal auric field.It’s a crystal of motivation that will encourage you to move forward.


    It will give wisdom during your times of stress and help you identify the sources of your distress in your environment. This lovely and unusual crystal combines the healing properties of the Quartz Crystal and the Black Tourmaline. The fusion of these two creates a potent healing energy that will restore peace and harmony in your life. It will also bring clarity to your life by amplifying the good energies and eliminating the negative energies.


    Copper is a healing metal that enhances the energy of crystals. As one of the most effective energy conductors, it can take the Grounding bracelet properties to the next level.


    Affirmation: I am happy and joyous. I radiate positivity.


    Bracelet is made with 8mm beads on strong crystalline double elastic. Due to the nature of crystals, all the beads will vary slightly in shape, size, color and pattern.


    Other sizes, beside the regular 7.25", are made to order which will incur an extra 2-3 days wait to ensure curing time as well as cleansing, charging and blessing ritual.

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