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Energy Orgone Discs

Unique orgone discs for healing. palmer disc for meditation, aura cleansing, EMF protection...


Black Tourmaline and Selenite: Keep your body and spirit protected and cleansed
Amethyst: Open your third eye, intuition, psychic abilities, celestial connection
Lapis Lazuri: Encourages self-awareness, allows self-expression and reveals inner truth


Can be used as a pendant on your person, in your car, on your girds, in your crystal bowls to increase it's energy power. A must have for every room and corners of your bedroom.

This disc can also be used as a worry stone. It is filled with natural crystal along with The Infinity Flower of Life metal. There is a chakra Infinity Flower of Life pure solid copper coil inside the disc which helps the pendant radiates energy. The natural crystals & copper combination to amplify it amazing source of energy.

These orgone discs are quite useful for health, abundance, peace, chakra balance, meditation, crystal healing, spiritual healing. psychic protection, crystal cleansing...
How to use these?
- Use as a meditation healing worry stone
- Put in your palm while meditating
- Psychic healing tool
- Place at your office desk for flowing of good energy
- Put in your pocket and carry everywhere you go
- Your instant spiritual energy caller
Size: 1 1/2 inch in diameter

Energy Orgone Discs

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