Price: $125.95CAD (+$12-8.50") or $89.95USD (+$9-8.50")


Third Eye • Spychic • Clairvoyance

Tanzanite Bracelet has powerful spiritual energies that can establish a connection between your mind and the higher realms. The colors of this stone emit high vibration energies that will strengthen this connection. Tanzanite will help you get to know yourself on a deeper level. It will allow you to discover the depth of your existence and break away from the mold. This will promote a strong sense of self-control. Tanzanite will support you in looking beyond the limitations and boundaries to truly answer the call of your heart. The energies of this stone, like energies of Shungite, will infuse you with high intellect, fighting skills, and strategic thinking. This bracelet will also encourage you to harness your inner strength. It will promote stillness, and it will help you undergo a purification of sorts. It will remove feelings of lethargy in your body, and it will help bring your repressed feelings up to the surface.


It will also help you develop your psychic abilities, such as clairaudience, clairvoyance, and inner knowing. It will enhance your intuition and psychic communication gifts as well.


Each bracelet is cleansed, charged and blessed before shipping. It is recommended that you 'program' your new bracelet before wearing it. Please visit the Gemstone Care page for more info and instruction.


* Our copper is double coated with a non-toxic clear film protector to prevent tarnishing and to retain the warm pure copper color and potential skin reaction.


** LAST PHOTO was taken wtihout a flash and black background. Purpose is to show the true color of the blue Tanzanite used to make the bracelet.

Spiritual Awakening

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  • Tanzanite Bracelet. The powerful energies of Tanzanite will open your third eye and guide you in your spiritual awakening. Will bring power to your Divine Mind and help you achieve spiritual enlightenment. If you find it a challenge to express yourself or communicate how you feel, the energies of this stone will also help you improve your communication skills.


    Tanzanite is known to strengthen the immune system and improve the body’s vitality. It can also stimulate cell regeneration. It’s an effective detoxifying agent that can detoxify the systems and purify the blood. The healing energies of this stone can help in relieving stress and anxiety. It’s also an effective cure against chronic alcoholism. It can also work to reduce inflammation and over acidification.


    This stone can increase fertility in women and help in treating fertility-related conditions. It can also be very beneficial to the testicles and the ovaries.


    It is believed that wearing Tanzanite for long periods of time can help cure migraines, headaches, and other skin diseases. Tanzanite is an excellent stone to encourage a quick and healthy recovery from illness, injury, or surgery. 


    Tanzanite will attract energies of wealth and abundance. It will bring good luck and good fortune, and you will be able to reach your goals in no time!


    Tanzanite is a powerful metaphysical crystal that can really strengthen your spiritual connection with the divine realm. It emits strong vibrations of spirituality and develops a deep bond between your body, mind, and soul.


    The emotional healing brought about with the use of Tanzanite is based on a deeper level of self-awareness, where you can recognize and understand the true purpose of your existence.


    The stone gives you the emotional strength to break away from the status quo and do what makes your soul feel alive.


    Copper is a healing metal that enhances the energy of crystals. As one of the most effective energy conductors, it can take the Grounding bracelet properties to the next level.


    Affirmation: I am rooted and connected to the energy of the Earth.


    Bracelet is made with 8mm beads on strong crystalline double elastic. Due to the nature of crystals, all the beads will vary slightly in shape, size, color and pattern.


    Other sizes, beside the regular 7.25", are made to order which will incur an extra 2-3 days wait to ensure curing time as well as cleansing, charging and blessing ritual.

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